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Rasel: Always an artisanal affair

We sculpt the finest details, compose exquisite flavours that delight the palate and season each affair with warm little touches of artistry and flawless service.

From the culinary crew to the frontline team, each one of us is a master craftsman dedicated to sculpt and perfect your affair until it elicits pure enjoyment. For it is in our nature to express joy by giving it away.

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I want to thank you and Rasel Catering for a wonderful experience. Your ops team were very good and they set up the tables in the right position. They were very experienced and worked so well as a team and so quietly that I no longer felt nervous about our party. The food was excellent - everyone enjoyed the food. And it was very thoughtful to provide the big vase of fresh flowers. We look forward to recommending your company and getting Rasel Catering to cater for another function at our house. Thank you again. Wishing you and the company prosperity all the years of your life.
" —Dr Lim Hsiu Lien

External Review


On behalf of the organising committee, I would like to express our big Thank You to Rasel Catering’s team for the good food and excellent service rendered for our event on both 4 and 5 July. Following the feedback, our sponsors, exhibitors and guests gave a thumb's up for your food and service. Personally, I felt your overall in-charge on both days were awesome. They were on their toes to ensure food is hot and quick to adapt to the schedule changes as some of the speakers over ran on timing. Instead of panicking, they assured with a smile that all is good! Do give them our Big Thanks! And keep up this amazing service. I hope to work with you and your team on other event opportunities. 

" —ITE College Central

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