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Oni Cupcakes was set up by founder Ms Irene Chan, an aspiring entrepreneur who has found passion in designing cupcakes.

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The owner is a lovely lady. They always assure their client to have a cake testing session before engage with them. I almost tried all the flavour and I would like to highlight a point was - initially their mini cupcake topping design are too simple and I did request for different piping design. Unfortunately they explain to me that was impossible. However, 2 days before my party, the owner sent me a picture of a topping design that I want. This was very much appreciated with her effort to try it out. I'm really happy and thankful to her. My guest did shared with me about the cupcakes were nice not only by its look but the taste too. NO COLORING NO PERSERVATION this is what we want. Thank you —Kelly
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Impeccable service by Irene! My order was kinda last minute, 2 days in advance and found Oni Cupcakes online. Communicated via whatsapp and the whole experience was amazing - never felt so happy spending $$! :D

Received exactly what I wanted it to be like and the kids loved the cupcakes.

Thank you Irene, appreciate it! :)

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wonderful designs, and amazing flavour and taste for the cream —Chua
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Oni Cupcakes

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