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Since 1996, We are serving Authentic Indian Cuisine to our valued customers. With our motto "Eatin' best curry in the neighborhood" and "Love All Serve All". We've established a reputation among our customers - expatriates, local community and local businesses - as one of the Singapore's best fine dinning Indian restaurants. We've thousands of VIP customers and continuously growing. Due to popular demand and to serve our valued customers, we've extended our services to indoor/outdoor to the convenience of our customers. Such as

* Catering
* Curry Home Delivery (www.happycurry.com)
* Takeaway
* Packet Service

Our place is well renovated and provides very romantic ambience with comfortable and cosy dining experience to our customers. Our kitchen is fitted with state-of-art equipments (such as Tandoor - Indian clay oven, freezers, coolers, microwave etc.) and we've various other supporting equipments (such as vehicles, motorcycles, catering equipments etc.) to support our daily operations.

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