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Little House of Dreams is a homegrown bakery specialising in bespoke cakes and dessert tables. It was the first bakery to officially offer dessert tables with customised sweet treats and gorgeous table styling. From an online store in 2008, to the 1st brick and mortar bakery in 2012, and now a flagship bakery and bistro at the heart of Dempsey Hill, Little House of Dreams has grown through the years, but always maintained its signature pretty and sweet aesthetic. With the new venue at Dempsey Hill, Little House of Dreams will continue to offer beautiful and delicious creations in a pretty indoor garden setting, perfect for parties of all sorts.

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External Review
Thank you for the extremely gorgeous cake!!
Normally there's always cake left over but people came back for seconds and I didnt manage to get a taste. I hear it was super yummy.
Thank you for your tremendous effort!!
—Kamini Sarvaisparan
External Review
Dear Grace,

Thank you so much for the cake - it looked fabulous and I had many compliments. Please pass on my thanks to Daisy and the rest of the team involved.

Frances Beretta
External Review
The cake was soooo beautiful!!!! Thank you so much !!! :-)
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Little House of Dreams

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