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Crescendo Interior & Lifestyle Pte Ltd is a homegrown company, dedicated to create a unique lifestyle experience for our clients. With years of experience in sales, interior design & project management, crescendo is poised to be your trusted partner in ensuring a comfortable & satisfying journey in creating your new home.
We have a package suitable for the individual home owner, as well as ones suitable for developers.

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We met up with a few IDs before deciding on Crescendo. Their prices are reasonable and more importantly we can "click" with our sales person Melissa. She understands what we want and try to meet our expectations. Sometimes when we can't make up our mind, she will give suggestions based on our likes and needs. Another very big plus point is that Melissa is always fast in replying our messages. Even if we message her late at night or early morning, she is always contactable. We are very fickle minded and thank you Melissa for being so patient. Thank you Crescendo and Melissa!

Gerald & Adeline

—Gerald Tham
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Crescendo Interior & Lifestyle Pte Ltd

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