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Chapter B Pte Ltd, an interior design and home decoration company in Singapore, has been providing quality interior design and high end home decoration solution to our customers. Relationship with our customers are essential to our success, we are committed to design integrity and customer's satisfaction.

Design is an empowering tool that should be made affordable and accessible to everyone.

With over 14 years combined interior decorating experience in this field, we’ve got the knowledge and skills to accompany our playful approach. We travel, we cherish family. We understand independent, modern lifestyles. We laugh – a lot. We explore color and neutrals, texture and light. Line, form and balance are an integral part of any space. For this reason all properties are individual and deserve our full attention.

Our interior design ideas fulfill whatever you need to fully inhabit your space and find it beautifully functional – be it home or business.

We have strong collaborative relationships with numerous architectural firms. In addition, we have developed working relationships with an extensive list of artists and craftspeople that help realize our design solutions. We are adept at working with diverse projects and design situations as well as accommodating various budgets.

External Review

Our experience at Chapter B has led us to recommend this company to our friends and family. Furthermore, we are in the process of planning out how we can make use of their services again by looking for other areas of our place to renovate in the near future.

Chapter B and Bryan Low allowed us to turn our purchase into a Home!!!

From our first meeting with Bryan Low at Chapter B we were impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and sense of responsibility. He guided us through the renovation process with patience, understanding and by listening to what we wanted.

Clear and quick communication was evident throughout the process and the entire time felt like a collaborative effort.

The estimated cost and timing of the renovation was not only reasonable but was adhered to which made the experience smooth and stress free.

Bryan exhibited an extreme amount of personal responsibility in how he approached the entire endeavour by always trying to anticipate areas for improvement or cost savings. He, his vendors and service partners were clean and professional, while being safety and security conscious at all times in how they went about completing their various tasks and responsibilities.

As I have previously stated, I would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them. Also, I anticipate that this will be the case in the near future.

The thought of having the opportunity of working together again with Bryan Low and Chapter B makes us smile because we can only imagine that the pride and pleasure that we have from our last renovation will only increase after our next one.

—Divya Chundamala
External Review

Home reno is a big undertaking: time-consuming, costly and there's no refund policy. Particularly for an old property that needs a miraculous transformation. That is why my husband and I are thankful to have found Chapter B for this important project.

We liked Bryan instantly during our first meeting. I prepared a detailed brief to articulate our dream ID concept. Bryan understood our vision right away and went through each detail, patiently explaining what could work vs. not, and provided us with options to consider. We liked his creativity, practicality and honesty. We then worked with the brilliant Lynn on the finer details and the 3D renderings were super precise, right down to the RGB color and texture of the wall!

Throughout the renovation journey, Bryan constantly kept us updated on the progress and was fast to escalate issues requiring our immediate attention. Bryan was also excellent in problem-solving; there were many instances when he provided us practical solutions to resolve issues and he often would recommend creative, cost-saving ideas to avoid incurring extra costs. Also, his team's carpentry work is second to none.

We valued Bryan's professional advice and expertise tremendously. His recommendations were spot on; we agreed to most of his suggestions because he's that good. For some of our odd ideas, Bryan did not give up on them immediately and would find ways to incorporate them into the house designs. We also appreciated that Bryan had been super patient and flexible with our queries / changing requests.

The whole renovation went rather smoothly and was completed slightly ahead of schedule. We love the end results and we have been receiving many compliments from our visitors on our new home. Chapter B definitely sets a high standard for the industry and we would not settle for second best the next time we are in need of renovation service.

—Jinnee Lim
External Review

We have just completed the renovation for our first home.
I would say that the collaboration works between Bryan and Lynn was perfect, making a lasting positive experience.

Lynn is very creative. She is able to put our ideal ideas and requirements into the design, providing us with lots of useful tips as a first time home owner in terms of designing and organizing of the different drawer compartments/measurements, etc.

Bryan, on the other hand, takes charge of the execution. He has strict quality requirements and targets set for his suppliers and contractors to assure our carpentry works are of quality and performances. He provides us with regular progress updates and work closely with us promptly when unexpected scenarios arise.

Job well done! Thanks Chapter B!

—Delvin Seah
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